Lilyan Kris

  1. Soft Wear
  2. Feed Me Colors
  3. Phantasm Atlas
  4. Mnemosyne
  5. Empathetic Topographies
  6. Glaze Space
  7. Ping!

  1. Speculative Camera Filters

  1. Lilyan Kris is an artist & technologist who uses software "incorrectly" to invent alternative interfaces for their body when mainstream technologies fail them. Lilyan's works have been featured at museums and festivals in the United States, including the Hammer Museum, Indiecade Festival, Different Games Conference, LA Weekly Artopia, and CultureHub LA. They've taught workshops at Pepperdine University, Navel, Tiny Tech Zines, and Glendale Tech Week. Lilyan holds a BA in Design Media Arts from UCLA, where they co-founded voidLab, an LA-based intersectional feminist collective for women, trans and queer people. They are currently a co-organizer with Tiny Tech Zines.

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Empathetic Topographies

Empathetic Topographies is an interactive installation that uses facial recognition, algorithmic blob detection and computational subtitling to respond to varying levels of interpersonal interaction. Different solo and group interactions cause shifts in topographic pulse, color and brightness values as more faces are detected, and as the distance between faces changes.

Made in collaboration with Tyler Yin, Rosalind Chang, and Alison Jeng.